Mission Statement  
» ACT will provide the Automotive Seating,
Furnishing, Clothing and Textile Industries with cut parts in accordance with specified requirements.
» ACT will achieve this through stable production and
constant re-positioning to remain the market leader with relation to Quality, Cost and Supply.

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Company Profile
The plant has been in operation in Ga-Rankuwa, RSA for the past 12 years.

The plant was previously named Cartrim, then Aunde/Cartrim and finally Aunde South Africa On 1 September 2002 the name change took effect and Auto Cut & Trim came into being Currently the Plant supplies cut textile parts to the Automotive Seating industry, which after sewing, gets exported in leather seats.

To keep up with the latest technologies, retain and expand business levels, retain and increase employment levels, the decision was made to invest in an Automatic Cutting Machine. The plant is currently 8000 sq/m in size.

Cut parts from AC&T are sewn into seat covers of leading luxury car manufacturers
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